Makes Changing Modes in MixW Easier

This program runs side-by-side with the digital-mode program MixW to provide one-button access to some of the more common digital modes.  I figured while I was writing the utility, I might as well also provide a few more macro buttons (which can be hidden if you don't want them... but who can't use more macro buttons??).

I wrote this program because I enjoy working "different" digital modes, other than just PSK31 and RTTY.  But always going to the "Mode" menu and selecting "Mode Settings" (to change the bandwidth and tones for Olivia, for example) got annoying.  I thought having dedicated buttons for each of the modes that I work regularly would be helpful. Perhaps you'll think this is useful, too.

Click here to Download MixWBuddy V0.10 (last updated 18-Feb-2008... yes, it's still free)
(see the revision history for MixWBuddy at the bottom of this page)

NOTE: MixWBuddy has largely been made obsolete by my MixWButtons program which allows you to define all your own macro buttons.  While MixWBuddy still works perfectly well, MixWButtons allows you to define any buttons you want, set their color, size, and title font.  It's just an all-around more powerful program.

Installation Instructions (including prerequisites): Download the zip archive using the link above (right click and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." depending on your browser).  Unzip the file to any directory on your computer, for example the directory named C:\MixWBuddy.  Note that MixWBuddy does not need to be in the MixW directory, but you can put it there if you want to.  After you've started MixW, just run MixWBuddy.exe (by double-clicking it, for example).  That's all there is to it!

Prerequisites: This program requires that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework V2.0 or later installed on your computer.  Before trying to run MixWBuddy, please read about the .NET Framework and how to get it from the About .NET Framework section of this site

Using MixWBuddy: I hope the program is pretty self-explanatory.  The macro buttons work exactly like those in MixW itself.  Just as in MixW the buttons can include both regular text and macros (such as <NAME>, <CALL> or whatever).  Note that MixWBuddy stores your settings (such as the macro button names and definitions) in a file named MixWBuddy.ini in the same directory that MixWBuddy.exe is run from.

Note that the macro buttons are customizable, but the mode buttons are not.  So, if you never use Feld Hell mode, but you're a major fan of RTTYM, you can't change the Feld Hell button to RTTYM.  Sorry.  Someday, maybe.  And, before you ask: No, you can't change the colors of the buttons either!  Hey, I like the colors.

In V0.9 I added the little gray button in the lower right corner that's labeled "Close Sub-Rx."  When clicked, this button will close all open MIxW secondary receive windows.  If you're like me, and sometimes evaluate what's going on by opening receive windows for every decent looking trace within a band segment, you'll appreciate the ability to close all those secondary Windows with one click.

The Settings tab lets you hide the macro buttons (and the Macro Defintions tab) if you want to do so.  It also changes the way MixWBuddy manages "focus" between MixW and itself. 

Testing Your Installatioin and Diagnosing Problems with MixWBuddy: The easiest way to test if things are working correctly is to start MixW, start MixWBuddy, and click a mode button in MixWBuddy.  MixW should change to the indicated mode.  Easy, huh?  Next, try to define and use a macro button:  Click the Maro Defintions tab in MixWBuddy and enter a new button label and some plain text for that button in the Macro Text field.  Return to theControls tab in MixWBuddy.  The new macro button label should be visible.  Click on the button and the text you entered for the macro defintion should appear in the TX Text field of MixW.  That's all there is to it.

Still, it's possible that you'll run into a problem or two.  If you do, here are some hints:

You get an error pop-up saying something about .NET Framework?
  You need to both download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework before you can run MixWBuddy.  See the section labeled "Prerequisites" above for where you can find this download on the Microsoft web site.

You get an error pop-up saying "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"?  You need to both download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework before you can run MixWBuddy.  See the section labeled "Prerequisites" above for where you can find this download on the Microsoft web site.

You get an error pop-up saying "MixW V2 is not Running"?  You have to run MixWBuddy afterstarting MixW.

You get an attractive pop-up saying "Unhandled exception has occured in your application." and a whole lot more stuff?  Look at the pop-up carefully.  Just above the three buttons it displays you should see the sentence "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  If it says this, you exited from MixW with MixWBuddy still running.  Note that you can't start MixW, start MixWBuddy, exit from MixW, leave MixWBuddy running and then start MixW again.  Well, you can do this but it will cause MixWBuddy to stop working correctly.  Just click "quit" in the error pop-up (don't worry, you won't lose any macro defintions or whatever that you entered) and re-run MixBuddy.

You've tried everything but you still have a problem and you're completely stumped? Or perhaps things sort of work but you've run into a bug?  Send me an email describing the problem or issue that you're having as clearly and in as much detail as possible. Contrary to prior practice, please do not send problem reports, questions, or comments to the MixW Yahoo group.  They've made it abundantly clear to me that they don't want to see these posts in that group.

MixWBuddy Revision History

Version Number  Changes Implemented
 V0.5 Initial public release
 V0.6 Saved/restored screen position based on user feedback
 V0.7 Added "Always on top" option based on user feedback
 V0.9 Added button to close all open receive windows;  Properly internationalized decimal separator, so PSK baud rates will always be correct for non-US users
 V0.10  Added PSK125 button, by popular demand

Software License and Terms of Use

This software is provided to the community for personal, non-commercial use at no cost, but subject to the terms of the license agreement shown on the downloads page of this web site. Do not download or use any software from this web site unless you fully agree to these terms and conditions.