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ScannerCast V1.0 To Do List

Because so many folks seem to be enthusiastic about ScannerCast, and updates are released as I have time available, I thought it would be a good idea to post my current "to do" list for all to see.

If you're aware of a bug or you think of a feature that you'd like to see included but you don't see it on the list, send me an email!

The list is not ordered by priority.  The numbers are provided just to help keep track of existing issues.  Note that items listed as work items for V1.0 aren't guaranteed to be eliminated or even worked on prior the final release of ScannerCast V1.0 -- whenever that is.

Note also that - because this is a real-time copy of my actual work list -- the list includes some items that are "speculative" -- in other words, problem reports that I've received but aren't necessarily verified as problems.  So, don't be alarmed if you see an item on the list such as "ScannerCast is crashes system and renders it non-bootable"  -- That could be a bug reported by a user who was "misinformed", for example, but the report had information that I don't want to lose track of (for one reason or another).  Likewise, there are items in the list that only make sense to me (mostly, these have to do with internal programming/datastructure items).

Yes, even when it's released as V1.0, ScannerCast will remain free.

This list is updated in real-time from the ScannerCast work items database

Work Items For V1.0

Ticket # Summary Status

Work Items For Consideration After V1.0

Ticket # Summary Status

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